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 Exhale and inhale the boredom

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Seraph Suthcliff

PROFIELNaam : Rose~
Aantal berichten : 23
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Leeftijd: 24 years
Geslacht: Female
Liefde: I'm gonna love you with my hands tied.

BerichtOnderwerp: Exhale and inhale the boredom   do jun 25, 2015 11:51 am

Take a bite of my bad girl meat.

Her black painted nails were tapping on the rythm of her music. The music played on a high volume through her ears. Despise the fact that her earplugs were very cheap, they delivered good quantity of music. Her eyes were closed. She was laying on the bench that stood in the empty sport hall. The weather was nice, so the PO teacher decided to bring his students outside to sport there on the field. That left the sport hall empty and unused. A perfect place to just lay down and do perfectly nothing. Seraph just listened to some music, while waiting for the day to pass by. She was pretty new on the huge university. Not many students knew who she was, but were terrified for her anyway. Her cold look scared most studs away. Nothing new. She was raised to scare people of, to dominate others and to kill others. Her father was no one less than the maffia boss. She was trained to succeed him when he would die. Even though it was without a doubt that he would be murdered. He was a powerfull man, with alot of enemies. Everyday it was a question if her father was still allive. It made her restless and she faced that everyday. Until she decided to go to this university. She told her father her reason was to learn more about the world, since her father only taught her how to dominate and how to kill. Her father approved. (Although he was a scary man, he was a great father who wanted nothing but happiness for his only daughter.) Seraph actually just simply wanted a break of the whole maffia buisiness. It drove her nuts. And what better way to relax than on a school?

Seraph hasn't gone to one class yet. She just wondered around the school, searching for quiet places to rest and to smoke. That's how she ended up in the sport hall. Seraph opened her eyes by the thoughts of a cigarette. She could definitely use one right now. She slowly sat right up on the bench. She looked around, but there was still no sign of a teacher or student or anything. She grabbed her louis vuitton bag. She put it next to her on the bench and opened in. With a bored look in her blue eyes she glanced into the bag. She was pretty sure that everything she didn't need for school was in the bag. She didn't even had a proper notebook. She snickered a little and took her cigarettes out of her bag. She stood op and walked towards the wall. She pushed the light switch off. A darkness flew over the sport hall. Seraph snickered again, while walking through the sport hall. She slowly put the cigarette between her red painted lips and lit it. She inhaled, while a nice feeling was crawling into her veigns. Suddenly the light switched back on. Seraph immediately turned back. Her eyes perked at the man who was standing in the entrance of the sport hall. Slowly she exhaled the smoke. "Good morning," she simply greeted the man, even though she knew she was probably in some trouble, smoking a cigarette in the sport hall while she actually needed to go to her class.
Show me your teeth.
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Exhale and inhale the boredom

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