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 Seraph Suthcliff

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Seraph Suthcliff

PROFIELNaam : Rose~
Aantal berichten : 23
Student/Teacher Profile
Leeftijd: 24 years
Geslacht: Female
Liefde: I'm gonna love you with my hands tied.

BerichtOnderwerp: Seraph Suthcliff   vr jun 26, 2015 12:28 am

Name: Seraph Suthcliff
Nickname: Sera, Angel
Age: 24 years
Sexe: Female
Skills:Seraph knows, thanks to her background, various styles of fighting. She has perfectly learned martial arts and her body allows her to move swiftly and quick. She can well handle a gun and a knife, but she doesn't show off. Becides, her flirting skills are also to fall for.
Birthparents: Devin Suthcliff and Maidelinn Suthcliff
Siblings: non
Partner: non
Crush: non

Full Body Picture:
Seraph is an Aisan girl. She dyed her hair blonde as if it was natural. She has remarkable blue eyes, from which is also a question if they are real or fake. No one has seen her with another eye colour though. She likes to care of her appereance. She has well manicured nails, mostly painted red or black. Her lips are mostly painted with a dark red colour, depends on the mouth. She wears alot of jewelry and mostly gold jewelry. She mostly pins her hair up and she makes sure that it's out of her sight. She has a line of eyeliner on her eyelid and a thin layer of mascara on her lashes. She has a little mole just beneath her lip, furthermore she has a flawless skin. She wears most of the time high heels and stilettos. She only wears clothes of known designers. She mostly has a cold look in her blue eyes and a little grins just around her lips.

Seraph is a dominating, skilled, rough, stubborn, spoiled girl. She always find a way to get what she wants and she never gives up before she gets it. This can bring her into trouble sometimes. She is very stubborn. She does things in her own way and dispose of those who don't agree with the way she does it. She doesn't like to hear someone's oppinion and she doesn't really care. She mostly presentate herself as a rich girl, with a lot of confidence and a lot of knowledge, but if you dig into her heart, you'd know that that is just a cover. She actually really cares about those who are close to her, but that is only her father. They both are active in the maffia buisiness, which make them have many enemies. Seraph is pretty scared of the thought that someone just could kill them one day. She is afraid of losing people and afraid of getting people too close. That's why she acts cold and harsh, even though she could be very sensitive and sweet. She doesn't let her guard down often. She is always concious of her surroundings. This is a little side effect from her training from the maffia. She tried to cool her head down and to ignore it, but that's only possible when nothing happends around her. That's why she's always to find on the quiet places. She has a unknown obsession with reading. She loves to read unknown story's and just to think about them. Although she loves reading, she doesn't read very often. Reading was a big nono in the maffia, so she thaught herself to forget that joy. But when she sees a book, she can't help it to just open it and read it. Knowing this fact she hates the library and always stay out of the sight of a book. It is because of her complex personality that she doesn't follow any lessons. She does anything that god has forbidden and does everything in her way so she is happy. She doesn't care about others or what others think about her. But she still talks to strangers. She likes to have her 'fun' with them.

Quiet places

Rules and duties
To be ordered around

Seraph was born on 23-12-1990 in a little town in the western of the country. Her dad and mom were already involved with the maffia and were aiming to take it over. They took care of Seraph with full happiness and care before they took it over. After they become the boss of the maffia they didn't had any time left for Seraph. Seraph was trained and taught daily to become the succeeder of her parents. Her mom was murdered on a mission when Seraph was on the age of 15. Seraph found it really hard to handle and started to change. From a sweet little girl, she turned into a real bitch. The only one that she still cared about was and is her father. Eventhough she is still afraid of losing hem aswell. Just as she lost her mother. Seraph convinced her dad to let her go to the Cambridge University. She told hem it was to learn more and to study more, but the real reason was to get just a break of everything. She was tired of living in fear and under the pressure of succeeding her father. However, after she arrived at Cambridge University, she still feeled the pressure. That's why she is most of the time alone, trying to keep her mind at ease.

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Seraph Suthcliff

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